How To Make Money Online From Facebook - A Beginners Guide


Make Money Online From Facebook
Make Money Online From Facebook

Now these days facebook is not only used for social communication. It is now a source of joy because it’s also a source of income, a passive online money making website.

Earn Money Online From Facebook

Normally, we use facebook for creating and connecting friends. At the beginning of, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg introduce facebook as a platform of creating social connection and new friends.

Zuckerberg use human psychology for business.

Human psychology!

No person can be happy without friends. The heart is formed for love and cannot be happy without the opportunity of giving and receiving affection. But you cannot receive affection unless you will give it. Love is only to be obtained by giving love in return.

Zuckerberg feels it so he named Facebook as Friends Community. As a result, every single visitor visit facebook in order to make new friends. They love to stay their and gradually become affectionate.

We accept his strategy. Because we, the people loved to be social. We love to share our emotions, dreams with others.

When we face difficulties, struggles in life, we want sympathy. In that times, we want to stay connected with our friends and family or loved ones.

Facebook make it possible and easy.

This touchy emotional matters of the users is the main asset to build a successful business using

They collect every single information related to our activities; what we do or what we want to do or avoid. They sell this information to their advertiser and earn billions of dollar in return.

So, what we learned from that.

If Zuckerberg can make money investing our emotions, why we can’t do the same thing.

Yes, we can! How?

Let’s Make Facebook A Platform of Money Making Site

Think, how they sell our feelings, emotions. We can sell it as like as same fashion.

Connecting People, A Secret of Success

Create new friends. Grow your community. Contact with them regularly. Make yourself as much popular as you can on facebook community.

Help someone who need your help and support.

Make a good amount of followers who like you, believes and trust you.

When you see, you have lots of friends and followers then create a facebook page of your business.

At a time create a facebook group based on your business niche.

Invite your friends and followers to join your group and like your page as well.

Create and Start Your Online E-Commerce Store on Facebook

Publish your business product or service related information in your page and group regularly. Showcase your products using Facebook Shop App free of cost.

Offer promotional price discounts and gifts.

If someone show interest in your product or value added services, give them best of the best product related true information, sales oriented tips and support. If possible, offer them home delivery services with cash on delivery payment option.

Give time to grow up your online facebook business. Don’t expect result with in a few days.

Why do you Create Facebook Page and Group?

Do a little home work. You can see, today all of the business company or organization have their own facebook page.

Ask yourself, why they open it. Because, no one can ignore billions of the facebook users who actively use facebook everyday.

They promote their products and services on their official facebook Page. They not only promote but also sell their products through facebook. Just, research on that matters to find out, what is their marketing strategies which convert their facebook visitor into sells. Use it in your own business promotion.

How to Make Money Online from Facebook using Blog or Personal Website?

Opportunities for blogger

Even a website owner or blogger can make money from facebook.

Say, how?

They can increase visitor using facebook’s popularity.

Write well written and fresh articles and share it in facebook page or group. In this process, you can gain facebook friends and followers attention into your articles. In return, few of them possibly visit your site in order to read your articles.

If they like it, they will share it. In this process, you can increase your visitor with the help of your facebook friends and followers too.

You have to do nothing but monetize your site or blog for earn money online after that.

Promote Affiliate Products on Facebook and Earn Money Online

You can promote popular affiliate program on facebook and earn a good amount of commission from this method. Just find out a proper affiliate program which offers same kind of a product you sell in your Facebook Page or Group.

For an example, if your page or group is based on website design and development related then you can promote NameCheap or HostGator as your Domain and Hosting affiliate partner.

Or, if your page or group is for Freelancer Professionals then you can promote FiverrPro text and banner ads or publish sponsored articles in your facebook page or group just like example given below.

336x280 Fiverr Pro

You can do so by joining affiliate marketing programs offered by these organizations and posting their content and offer related article on your facebook page.

Join NameCheap Affiliate Program

Join HostGator Affiliate Program

Just remember one thing before publishing any affiliate programs link in your page or group, always promote the best. Do not compromise on quality.

Because, if you offer the best then you can get best possible response in return from viewers or consumers of your promoted affiliate products.

Earn Money from Direct Advertising on Facebook

If your facebook page and group can able to grow popularity then you can earn money from direct advertising on facebook.

A small business owner or company can post advertisements directly into your Facebook page or group to attract customers. These advertisements can be about employment, classifieds, products and services. Many small businesse organization or service provider use facebook purely as a forum to post their advertisements.

A lot of jobseekers also browse Facebook pages and groups of companies to find employment opportunities.

You can offer them to promote their advertisment in your page or groups and earn money if they agreed.

Other Alternative Way’s to Make Money Online from Facebook (For Advanced & Smart Person)

Earn money with your videos on Facebook

Make money online with Instant Articles

In Conclusion

You can use facebook as an alternative online e-commerce store of your business or services. There is limitless possibilities you have to earn money online from facebook if you can use them wisely. So, why do you wait for nothing? Just show your creativity and change future. Everything is in your own hand.

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